WiccaNet: Browse The WiccaNet Reading Room

WiccaNet: Browse The WiccaNet Reading Room

What is the Reading Room

The Reading Room is a joint project of  Wicca.Net. It was designed to bring files to the pagan communities which are been residing on Mysteria’s and Wicca.Net’s previous BBSs and current websights. Some of these were kept for much more than two decades.

Things to Remember

When viewing articles in this form or published material in general it is wise to remember a few points:

  1. The ability to write about a subject does not mean that the writer had one drop of good sense.
  2. The Craft of the Wise is a mystery religion. One of the mysteries is which of the many things written do we actually accept.
  3. Aleister Crowley said “It is the duty of the master to teach. It is not the duty of the Master to make it easy”.
  4. Also, “If one lacks the wisdom build a dynamo, then they can hardly electrocute themselves.”

Remember: Keep your sense of humor firmly in hand and enjoy your stay.

May you walk in the Light of the Lady, and
Speak with the Wisdom of the Lord.

Blessed Be,
Webmaster and staff